*Sales on ALL SERVICES and merchandise are final

Drop-in Class $27

*expires within 14 days of purchase

5 Pack $125

*expires within 1 month of purchase

10 Pack $225

*expires within 3 months of purchase

15 Pack $315

*expires within 4 months of purchase

20 Pack $375

*expires within 6 months of purchase

Tough Love Cancellation Policy

Feeling like you’re not going to make it? Hungover? Spontaneous plans? You have TWELVE HOURS prior to the start of class to cancel yourself out of class through the Mindbody app. (Class starts at 8 am, that’s 8 pm to early cancel.) TWELVE HOURS to save your class for another day & give us the chance to fill your spot. WIN-WIN.

Canceled yourself out BUT missed that TWELVE HOUR window? You will lost your spot in the class and be charged a $10 LATE CANCEL FEE. Yeah, it sucks but we need to cover our asses.

If you chose to throw caution to the wind and are a NO SHOW to your class (i.e., no early OR late cancel through the Mindbody app) you FORFEIT your class AND will be charged a $26 NO-SHOW FEE. Again, covering our asses. Our waitlists are long, no-shows make it impossible to fill our classes and accommodate other clients who are eager to workout. Don’t be that person.

As always -thank you to our loyal clients, family, and friends for your continued support as we navigate through these unsettling times. We look forward to seeing you! Keep kicking ass!

Boxing Clinic

8 Class Clinic $200*must be used on the clinic you signed up for

Our boxing clinic package include 8 introductory boxing classes with Hector Classes meet 2 times a week for 1 hour over a 4 week period

*Please bring your own gloves, sneakers, water, and towel *call to sign up

Pilates Classes

Pilates Group Reformer Classes

Drop in Class $44*expires within 14 days

5 Pack $210*expires within 30 days

10 Pack $380*expires within 2 months of purchase

20 Pack $775*expires within 3 months of purchase

Private Pilates Training

Introductory Package $250 *include 3 private sessions

1 Private Session $120

5 Private Sessions $525

*Larger packages are available, please contact studio for pricing

In-Studio Personal Training

Personal training at Black Sheep Studios is priced on a sliding scale – the more you buy, the cheaper per session! Please call to inquire about off-site training.

1 Session $95

2-9 Sessions $90

*price per session, expires within 3 months of purchase

10-19 Sessions $88

*price per session, expires within 6 months of purchase

20+ Sessions $84

*price per session, expires withing 1 year of purchase